Trevor Wiles & Paul Hadler have been writing songs together for over 30 years. They met while playing in a band In the early 80’s but decided that song writing rather than playing cover versions of others songs was more their thing. As well as writing songs for themselves and other people they have collaborated with theatre groups who needed assistance putting on productions. This included anything from backing tracks for musicals to sound effects for plays.  

The result of this collaboration over the years has developed to the point where both of them now have small home recording studios, and with the patience of their long suffering wives sometimes tested, they regularly get together to write songs and have a sneaky beer.

The song “Loves Forever” came about after Paul and Trevor had been involved in helping put on a production for a local amateur theatre group. 

“We decided we would like to try and create a song that could work well on the West End stage as part of a big musical production. This is an unashamedly romantic love song and tells the story of a young boy and girl who meet each other and fall in love. However due to outside influences the potential of this love is never realised and the young couple are parted. The song looks back through the eyes of the boy now that he is older and at what might have been had fate not conspired against them”.

Getting to the final 4 of the Barnado’s oldies song writing competition and having the chance to record with professional musicians at a top London studio is a dream come true for Trevor and Paul. “We are really looking forward to hearing our song transformed from a home studio recording to the polished professional song we always imagined!”

“Thank you to the team for your efforts in organising this great competition. We hope it raises lots of money for a great cause and also helps in realising at least some of the dreams & wishes of the children it is aimed at helping.”