Musicians Together is a video sharing site just for amateur and independent artists and bands.

Our main focus is to provide a positive, encouraging and supportive community for our members - a place where we can share our music, learn from one other, and make friends and useful contacts. We also help promote the music made by our members, wherever and whenever we can. We do this through review shows, social media sharing and CD reviews, features, interviews etc. in our online magazine.

For those who just want the community of like-minded people, and have no ambition to ‘make it,’ we want to be the very best community available. For those who do have ambition, we also want to be a great promotional outlet.

Musicians Together is totally different to the other major websites for musicians. We aren't owned and operated by a large corporation for the benefit of shareholders. Rather, we are run entirely by musicians for musicians. That is why we have the freedom to choose not to feature major record label acts and promote only our own amateur, independent and unsigned artists and bands.

If you make music, or just love hearing new stuff, we'd love to have you on board!