I started singing when I was about 16/17, I used to go to folk clubs and was singing the songs of the day from the Tom Paxton Joni Mitchell etc. Then I discovered Joan Baez my most all time favourite singer and on her albums I found versions of child ballads and traditional songs which furthered my interest into the vast collection of traditional music. I have a huge fondness for Irish and Scottish ballads

I drew huge inspiration from the artistes that came to the clubs and have met such legends as Peter Bellamy Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger. Those who continue to inspire me are Pete Coe, Dick Gaughan, Sean Cannon , Sara Grey and many, many more. I have opened for Fairport Convention when they did their Village Hall Tours in Devon , I have also appeared with Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham, The Albion Band, St Agnes Fountain , Ian Bruce , Phil Beer (one half of Show Of Hands) to name but a few.

I started to write my own songs many years ago, but was always a bit shy of performing them probably afraid they might be judged a bit harshly, but I tried out one or two and they seemed to go down ok and my confidence grew. I also gig as one half of a duo and Mike and I do as much of my own material as possible particular favourites of my own songs are  Fisherman John a tribute to a late friend and most recently Cheap Daily Life the plight of dairy farmers trying to get a fair deal in today's cut throat market.

My songs cover many diverse subjects and I love to write.  I was born and raised in Devon and the very nature of the landscape and local history here always gives huge inspiration.

I entered Oldie Composers as a very dear and late friend of mine, Doreen, was a great supporter of Barnado's and every year I give to the charity, Rowcroft Hospice, that helped at the end of her life. When I saw the competition was for Barnardo's I thought it was another  way to honour her memory in a really positive & giving way.

And look what happened ! Thank you Maggie