Ken Bruce has been broadcasting on the BBC for some years.

On leaving school, he studied accountancy for two years before discovering that he was not cut out for it and became involved in a car hire company, starting out by keeping the cars shiny and clean before advancing to a lower management role!

In his spare time, he worked in hospital radio and eventually talked his way into the BBC in Scotland, where he read the news, introduced concerts and laughed, smoked and drank a great deal. He has, of course, improved his behaviour since then by giving up smoking.

His own daily show in Scotland followed, and he would have played out his days there had he not gotten the call from Radio 2. He started on The Saturday Late Show and this led to the offer of the Breakfast Show in 1985, when Terry Wogan departed for television.

The year after that, he moved to the 9.30 slot, where he has remained, with just two intervening years in other slots, ever since.

He is the voice of Radio 2 on Eurovision night and has been a regular host of Radio 2's "Friday Night is Music Night" where he gets to indulge his love of live music. 

He has a large clan of Bruce's from his three marriages, and has recently written his autobiography and researched his lineage back to Scotland's greatest hero, Robert The Bruce. I'm sure he will be staying at Radio 2 for many a year yet, but will be happy to take over his rightful place as King of Scotland when he eventually retires! In his spare time, and with a young brood we wonder where he gets any, he indulges himself at the wheel of a very large bus! Happy motoring Ken.